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I can promise you

2017-10-22 07:47:34 by AudioMachina22

Drugs will forever be a part of us.

We're all worn out. Very worn out... don't feel alone about it.

Don't think. Both

Nothing serious will happen. That I know though.

Training my prediction abilities. In this lifetime... we cleanse, but in a different way/place etc. It'll last 11 days

Dying isn't especially painful anymore but we forget the truth each time we die.

Remember that we've lost tons of brain. We now feel Spirit more than the Mind.


2017-10-22 00:49:27 by AudioMachina22

is not the same thing as analyzing.

Reminds me of PX9 Song!

2017-10-19 07:18:54 by AudioMachina22

Contemplate on that one guys... see if it takes you to any reasonable conclusions. drugs are very evil guys... evil! I don't like evil people!!!

Quit it all now. Continue with the studying. read. Buy or read as a ebook, your choice.

'I still hold strongly to my beliefes. IT is GOOD! We do it when we WANT TO. We CHOOSE to.

Global Offensive is a really bad version of Counter Strike. Please, everyone, go back to Counter-Strike: Source. Or make one that is even better. Features? Hmm... no new weapons. No new grenades. More classes would be nice, and more teams :)

And one important... actually extremely. Seriously. Important thing, is to never download software or games for free. If you feel like wanting to try a game, BUY IT. Otherwise your computer gets infected with lots of viruses. Lots. So buy, ok? Movies and series however... stream, download, fuck it or whatever you wanna do. Get that for free. (Preferably Netflix) But Netflix, I want you to offer more than what you have now. Some movies are restricted for certain countries... that's not cool at all. We should all be able to watch the same stuff as others. Keep that in mind. And remember that I have something to say here to you.

I'm leaving my past behind. The new life began 2 weeks ago. Now we're deciding what to keep and what not to keep. Drugs? NO. A big big big no.

And me, myself, no. It's not true so stop worrying... it's kinda gay. You'tr just fucking crazy.

We don't do what we don't want to do.  We don't force ourselves to do things we think we must do. We do what we feel like doing. Get it? There are no musts. If you feel super sleepy but still don't wanna go to sleep, it means you don't. Don't go to sleep until you feel like sleeping. This time we gotta do this. Together.

Feels so fucking great to get that brain out from the head, no? Painful but rewarding when it comes out ;) Oh,,, and what do you think happens to the mind when it gets rest? Restored or more destroyed? Uhhh... repaired? I dun think so

It will be fine. Not comfortable but not unbearable ;)


2017-10-18 16:29:56 by AudioMachina22

Another one


More music

Even more

I'm trying to find good stuff.

Popping pippin its trippin. It be the show, gets so low and no niggas trying to steal the street. Gotta trust yaself cause its like pop pop and turns on to the top. Contact me, see. Me, I will see you tryna steal my style but nigga. I won't allow you to. Poop? Why you associate it to that. Disguisting stuff is disguisting, cause beauty is the founder of heaven. Wanna leave? Why go to hell when we can sell everything in this palace. RIP

Trollin rollin hard. This part is a is. It is great. Sweet. Meat... we love meat. But we eat it right, at night? With lights off... knocks us off. Pops our brain and we see all the rain pouring down. Sonabitch tryna stich a pocket because theres a hole in it, shit shit shit that no good. But he is a martyr. Pure... nonononononononononono. Lets all go NO. And then YES. THEN YES AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND... again. Raaaaaaaaain

Taaaattaatatatalalalalaashashashatatataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nnnnnigggaaaaaaaaaaa is a good word cause we respect those niggas. Gangstas rule the law. Dont fuck with SÄPO. The best niggas are the gangstas. No nigga go against another nigga. These people

I aint not white boy you fag. Im a nigga. I have many sides to me... what? No. I respect all races. I can find some races funny, but the coolest race is black people. At least the gangstas. get this one. I promise it'll serve our desirable purpose in a perfect way. We vape tobacco of course... dude drugs are bad. Very bad.

Final conclusion. Termination. You know who. Please help me on this one,.

Then they get what they deserve.

We're closing in the end. After the end we're free to do whatever we want to. Not the end of Heaven. End of the trash in Heaven.


2017-10-17 15:21:35 by AudioMachina22

I am getting real tools. Tools that are useful... tools that feels good to use. Tools that satisfies me. You should do the same! Get good tools.


Inspector Gadget... good ol times. This episode is my favourit one, actually I love it. *it* Makes my body satisfied.

I want a girlfriend that I can share my love and preference with me... it's a big dream. Emma. Miriam. Hikari. And my other special love object. (NO)Miriam is the one I love the most though :) PX9 too... I'm a believer of polygamous relationships. PX9 Send me proof that you're following me... please.

BTW I can't access my bank account anymore so I can't transfer money or pay bills and stuff like that... until I get a new phone. Preferably I'd like my old phone back that's been stolen, but the suspect doesn't seem to be willing to give it back... sooooo. Yeah. I access by mobile ID, and I don't have it anymore. So I can't pay.

Anger is an emotion. What does emotions do? Why do we need them? To let them out, right? Anger is an emotion, yes. A real emotion. Wrong to feel anger... lol. No.

No. Spirit only. We're in 7th density. 8 Densities? This is a pure guess but I think there are unlimited densities.

Yes reality is what we make it to be now. There are no restrictions only ourselves. We can believe anything to be true and it'll become true. Just be careful for what you wish. There are no threats. There are laws... we gotta follow them too. Self sacrifice dudes.

Seroquel withdrawal

2017-10-13 05:23:01 by AudioMachina22

Isnt all that bad ;| I'm gonna ditch the Zyprexa (Olanzapine) too. I don't need any meds anymore.

Yes tragic... but lessons have to be learned.

2017-10-11 16:20:51 by AudioMachina22

My life is my life. Your life is your life. I live my life. You live your life. I mind my own business. You mind your own business. I think this is right. You think that is left... OUCH CONFLICT. What do we do? Accept eachother, right?

This scared me... but really, what is my style? To chicken out or to take it like a man and quit it all at once?

What is happening now. Is that my brain wa so adjusted and altered by the meds that I am experiencint "withdrawal syptoms" which I'd rather call mind death.

Let's t leat stay up for 2 more hours guys... the more we overload the brain, the better.

Trust me on this one gaaiz. Drink beer, it'' wake you up

He won't dare to call anybody now. If he's abput to... pleasre yhelp me kill him... :D

wake me up guys,,, I totally forgot my missions... btw do you hear wooshing sounds? At leat I do... and I know what it is. You too :)

Cyberdevil.. are you still with me?

Everyone copy paste this so soundcloud. Spam it as much as you can "Drugs are good, it kill the mind."

No more iktrovil in the drugs, okay? Pure... stuff. Guy I am not messing around. Send us pure stuff. ok

Good! wow just wow. What kind of retard wrote this? Drug usage means we're gonna become drug addicts? And if we do, so what. If we can afford it, let's do it. When we feel we're bored of that life, let's move on.

The goal of drugs is to achieve a balanced state of addiction to them. We use them because we need them. we eat popcorn when watching a movie. We eat a snack bar whikle having a chat. We drink coffee together. We smoke cigarettes together. Together. Why? And why that extra thing? Because it adds to life, right?

Alright guys and gals !

2017-10-10 09:04:34 by AudioMachina22


What we have left to do it to eliminate the remainder of the trash. Trash as in...? You know, right?

We do it by trying to not sleep, stay awake for as long as possible and do shit loads of drugs.

Everyone who are with me.... and the Elite Law Enforcers... order drugs from Get 4f-PiHP and Norflurazepam. 50 of Norflurazepam and 10g of 4f-PiHP. Oh shit Asklepios only sends to citizens in Sweden... I wish they'd make it international and become on of the biggest providers of legal drugs. For those who do not live in Sweden I recommend Be careful about the laws in your local country! The substance may be illegal where you live... we don't do illegal stuff because the law system has decided it. We have no free will on this one, we gotta sacrifice our freedom :(

You're also free to order whatever you want from  Guarranteed delivery.

These are all legal drugs you know, cops!

So don't come here again... ok? :) Plz?

Alright guys. SÄPO got her. Call. You'll see what I mean by that SÄPO got her :)

PS. That is my number and I charged it to 20%

I tracked my phone and it was in a diffrent building that I never had visited... very weird... It's close to where I live though.

Cops remember SÄPO. They know more of the laws than you do so don't question their conclusions. If you do then they won't be so easy on you. Trust me.

Come on cops my homies! Don't be so power greedy and have some fun with us instead! Chill out with some hashish or green or whatever you can get hold of. I don't do these because they are illegal.

I follow the law. Ilegal stuff I do not touch.

My deepest wish

2017-10-10 07:18:07 by AudioMachina22

Is that the law force will stop catching me... because it disturbs my work and I find it extremely boring to be locked into a cold place. Please guys? You don't want me to suffer, do you?

I'll grant you a wish too... whatever you want. If you accept me for the one I am. If you stop keep on catching me for some unknown reasons.

Had to be quicky shower because I am so worn out after all the jobs I've done. I'm a 24/7 worker. That's a good thing! So why catch me and interrupt my important work? What am I trying to achieve here?

I appreciate your fair judgement today.

I worship God... I'd like to be like him but I'm not God.

I wish that cops would chillout during their freetime by rolling a joint of hashish or green and relax... that would be so cool. No God does not decide this, you do... I'm not God. I was just messing around with you when I told you I was God XD

Stop doing whatever you're doing.

It's time

2017-10-06 23:40:26 by AudioMachina22

To execute everyone who goes against my judgement. I have my rights to enjoy the life I am living right now, it's my everything. Since there is nothing else to do.... so I choose to not be a martyr. We all have needs. They can change in a moment and they can last for a long time. My need right now is to get myself heard to as many people as possible, and certain tools make it easier for me to do it.

Will you steal my tools? Because if you do...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Let me demonstrate! :D