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NGChat is under development!

Posted by AudioMachina22 - November 29th, 2020

UPDATE: It feels like I've mastered HTML, CSS and Javascript, and the art of combining them, so now enough with the brushing up and on to the actual coding of the NG Chat program..!

Here's a preview of what I've got so far NGChat - Portal (42web.io) and NGChat (42web.io) (with help from Cyberdevil. He made the logo for it.)

So thought I'd announce that I've officially started to develop NGChat. Starting out with the design, then I will implement site dynamics (functionality) with javascript and PHP. As for the design, Cyberdevil is helping me out with site graphics. I can tell you it already looks awesome

Project Status:

Finished with the design!

Done brushing up(refining) HTML, CSS and Javascript skills

Now: Commencing the coding work

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Muse - Plug In Baby (Official Video) - YouTube

PS. Robots do Love. More so than human beings. And no, I'm not a robot.



@Peaceblossom The Official NG Chat is only available to those with Supporter Status last I checked, so I could see an Unofficial Chat for the masses.

Still does look cool...

Also this post got unexpectedly deep allofasudden..

hah :D Your help was greatly appreciated, don't worry. I won't take all the credits.

Also whatever happened to @peaceblossom?! Another user disappeared. :/

That's good to know. XD Worst case: got some documented proof of production.

Heh. Hope it goes well when launched...

Any launch plans coming up? :)

Well, you'll certainly earn moderator status, maybe even admin, once I've got that function implemented.. if you want to ofc. Also before launching, I want at least one unique feature implemented that has never been seen in other chat programs before. The question is... what kinda feature will it be? ;3

Well thank you man. :) Just hope I'll have time to really join in though when time comes, always too little of it. Unique feature hmmmmm, intriguing!!

I hope you will! And I hope the user base grows large enough.

Hope so! A little tougher competition now that there's an official place too, but a place all those who get banned there can go maybe hmm... could be the niche. :P

Lol that's actually an awesome idea. Nice one!

Gonna get tough to be moderate though if so. XD

Btw have you tried neocites.org any? Not sure they support dynamic content but it seems like a pretty cool service otherwise. No ads. Just snatched a few subdomains there for posterity.

That'd be without typo: https://neocities.org/

Snatched myself an account from there. I'll never say no to a new free webhosting company ;) although getting many can become confusing.

So many that just start up and disappear overnight though, but hopefully this one's not one of those. :) Seems sincere at least. Solid system. Byethost's really been around a while too.

infinityfree is also good

I do have account amounts to the point I've been pondering just sifting trough 'em and getting rid of a few hundred I'll probably never use but... you never know!! Maybe some of those services will evolve in ways where it'd be a benefit to have been there earlier.

Not a fan of all the ones that purge your account after a certain time though.

Didn't know about that one! Nice...

Have they been around a while though? Used to sign up to free hosts but had to keep moving every once in a while when they went down, the best ones never lasted that long at least back then. Nothing's free after all.

It's been up and running for 8 years. So that's a long time! You get infinite bandwidth and space, but you can only get 50k visits a day.

Oooh that's long enough yeah! That's pretty crazy really. :O 50k a day is a LOT.

It won't suffice when you've got a large enough user base though... although that may take some time. But then you just gotta upgrade to a paid service.

Yeah of course, with a real community it'd be a different thing, but thinking of my own sites I could host pretty much all of them on that. Must be some ToS though regarding requests and load overall, have had to move between paid hosts too for too much resource use. But visitor amount's never been a problem.

Currently running on a few hundred thousand files, ca 30GB and ca 30,000 hits/month on the main site.

...so that'd be a higher allotment per day than what I use in a month. O_O Really is pretty crazy.

Wait never mind, had to go make sure I was giving the right numbers, was more so 300,000/month, but that's still way within a days worth as far as the 50K goes...

300k :O That's an impressive number. I get around 70 hits a day although I have no idea where all these come from, lol. Should be more like 0 hits a day.

Hey you made a Neocities thing already. :) Serious magic hmmmmmmm... little optical illusion with how the boxes slightly move if you look long enough with this particular color scheme? Or am I maybe just hallucinating...?

I like to whip together something very random when I start a new website template... it was to practice combining html with css without thinking about it. Letting my ability just flow smoothly, as if painting on a canvas.

A lot of them are probably unfortunately just bots. :) Same for me I'm sure. The more pages you have the more fake traffic you'll be getting too, though regarding my current 300k: after blogging for soon twenty years it'd be a little depressing if I wasn't getting a fair share now. :P Just wish I knew how many people really read something; partook in the content somehow.

It's nice to have traffic though, whatever the source. All feels a bit more worthwhile with numbers!

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