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Main Project: Earthbound

Posted by AudioMachina22 - October 14th, 2019

It'll be


Ness is making a comeback ;D

Note: Earthbound(Mother) will be the main project but I'll work on others too.


I will forever remain on Newgrounds. If you don't see me posting so frequently, it's because I'm feeling like shit......


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Whatever happened to the chat tho?

I'm certainly gonna get to work on it once I get life back on track ;)

And after that track's on track huh. :) Good things.

Are you still interested in helping out? If you have any experiences with coding, you can join me on that part too! If so, I'll do a bit of graphics myself.

Yeah I am, though a little hesitant if I really have time enough when it matters. I'm no coder though, pretty bad with that, only HTML/CSS (can do styling).

Ah ok. Hope you can join when I get started on the project.

Hope so. :)

So how are you? What been going on lately...? I've seen you active with some rap stuff. Is that your main thing now?

Doing pretty good, thanks. :) And yes indeed, that is indeed my new thing! Or rather: thing I really want to focus more on that I finally am focusing more on. Decided to try writing verses every day for Inktober (in ink) for starters, so I'm doing those every night now. Doodling daily too. Been in Latvia a couple nights, got a forklift license last weekend. All fun but kinda hectic.

Wondered if you were more into rapping now than ever. If that's your big thing now... dunno.

I've been rapping for over a decade otherwise btw. There's some old stuff floating around that's... not as good as the new stuff!

Yeah I know you been into rapping for a while now. I found that out during... 2014? I left a review if you remember.

You doing OK?


@Cyberdevil My mom bought me an used iPhone 6 today :D I used up all of my money lol so I lost everything. My apartment, my old phone, my old awesome PC... socialen took them from me. Even my Maschine from Native Instruments. And a Texas Instrument TI-86 or whatever it was. Sux to be without your own money.

Maaan how do you get into a situation like that? :O Loans? You hear about that happening to people, spending more than they have, but thus far I hadn't actually known anyone who was in a situation like that... damn. Panic attacks because of that? Unrelated? Are they maybe auctioning out your old stuff somewhere right now...?

Nah I was hospitalized in a mental hospital, then I lost the apartment because I couldn't keep up with the payments (all money gone) Then they went into my apartment and threw everything away in it... according to them "there was nothing that was not broken that remained" so they decided to just throw it all away.

On another note, yes I do have loans to pay. I paid with Klarna for pizza, sushi, hamburgers and stuff like that from onlinepizza when all my money was gone. I did it although I knew I wouldn't be able to repay... haha.

I have about 21k kronor to pay. S H I T.

If you really are still happy with life right now though I'm happy to hear it. :) iPhones don't come cheap either. Nice.

And regarding rap, I've always been into it, but I've never really had the guts to pursue it, seriously, contemplating changing that. :) Either way though, right now, I just want to make stuff. I keep writing but I never get to recording it. That's all I really want to change at this point. Who knows if it'll ever go further than hobby otherwise. I remember you reviewing something yeah, might've been the Cyberdevil's Back one if that was the year. :)

I've been in a stalemate myself. No progress at all.. it was nerve wrecking. Good to know you have something to pursue still.

Now that I have some projects in mind, I'm a bit at ease. But it won't be an easy ride... but I'm up for the challenge. It'd be awesome to work alongside you with the chat program.

Been back so many times now without actually making any kind of comeback when I get back that those ones felt a bit like wasted promos, but this year might've been a suitable one...

The beat I'm gonna make for you will be the first project in the series of projects that I'll get started on. Interesting, eh? :)

Oh man. :/ Wonder if they actually did throw away everything while they were there though, high-tech equipment no one will miss/can claim..

But those loans, holy shit! XD You reap what you sow I guess, but man... that sucks. I guess if you're in a hopeless scenario it'd be pretty easy to just not give a fuck too. Live for the moment.

XD yeah massive loans. But it's okay, it's there waiting for me to just repay. Too bad the sum rises the longer you wait.

For sure. :) Feels like everything's easier as long as you're doing something too, good that you have projects! Though are doing all of this on your phone? New computer?

Indeed, and maybe room for some audio collab too if you're up for that. :) Always interesting to mix up different creative styles and make a working thing of it all.

Sure thing. I could make a beat for you.

@Cyberdevil Working on projects on a phone would be a bit unhandy... I do it all on PC.

PC´s the way. :) Good you're set up again there too. Music hardware/such...? If you feel like throwing something together that'd be awesome! Doesn't need to be that complex if you'd like to join in on a quick Inktober thing.

Regarding those loans maybe you could get some: https://www.kronofogden.se/kanintebetalaskuldsanering.html

Ah nice to know. Thanks.

As for how complex the beat is going to turn out, no idea. I'll make it as interesting as possible. Not sure when I will get started though...


Alright, well if you make it before October's over you know the qualifications are lower. ;) Either way I'm happy. It's pretty fun just mashing things up without feeling a real pressure for perfection. Littl reference: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/886260

I have a Komplete Kontrol M32 (a MIDI keyboard) that about it. No soundcard so I have to create with ASIO4ALL.

Aha, not sure how much of a limiter ASIO4ALL is? Worse quality? harder to work with?

It only supports one source of audio output. So I can't hear anything else except for the program that I create music with.

Can't listen at the same time as you record either, just either input or ouput?

Not sure about that

@Cyberdevil I think it should be fine.


(empty space) ;)