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Ah maybe you unintentionally did manage to make a bit of optical trickery with that then. XD Tis cool.

yep, unintentional. to me the two boxes appear to have different width's, although both share the same width.

Hmm didn't notice that, interesting, it's like if you look at one the other seems somewhat smaller, both width and height, whichever aspect you focus on... at least when I'm looking at 'em now.

yeah. it's weird

@Cyberdevil heh :D

@Cyberdevil What are you up to.

Yo, voice acting a bit for the jam tomorrow; trying to catch up with my sites a bit. How about you?


@Cyberdevil Thought I'd get started on that song I promised you. :D

Ah nice. :) Hyped to hear what you come up with!

Though no pressure, whenever you're inspired!

Nothing sounds like a nice thing to do occasionally too btw. :)

Sorry about the delay. Had to learn how to fly aircrafts on the latest Flight Simulator "game". But it's all over now (the hard part) Easy say, easy go.

@Cyberdevil Everything in moderation... right?

Man for a while there I thought you were actually flying planes!!! XD The surprise that reading material that doesn't instantly reveal context of a comment leads to... how many hours flight time do you have?

Moderation's good yeah. :)

No worries about delays though. Been having a hard time keeping up with anything lately too, time's too fast...

Yes. Hope life won't disappoint very soon. I'm sick of being able to do nothing... :<

Ah you still haven't caught any lasting waves of motivation? Hope you do man. Or things stabilize. ;/

Hey how you doin'?

Kinda meh.

Ah. :/ How about goin' outside a bit? If you've got sunshine where you are. Usually boosts my mood pretty good.

walking back and forth inside my room is nuff for me.

@Cyberdevil But I do go outside sometimes, daily.

Does walking back and forth in your room really boost your mood though? :) Mmm if walks don't help either alas I know not what to suggest... about to head out on my third one for the day now though. At least for me the more I take the better I feel. :) Plus a bike ride and a few rounds of disc golf today in particular...

That's nice. I ran, walked and swimmed a lot during the year 2014... maybe those times will come back. Was pretty nice but I'm fed up pushing myself to do things now.

...and felt pretty good then too hopefully? Hmm, pushing yourself almost seems like a requirement for feeling good about yourself though, IMHO. Might be a bit too stressful sometimes, but then when it's not I also don't really feel the same sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Feels like our bodies are made to be pushed. Better when it's physical though. Stressing by a computer just doesn't produce the same chemical process. Stress without relief. I think I might've bruised a rib yesterday though hmm, some weird movement somewhere, could've done without that one push...

Aww, that sucks. Me personally I wanna continue the chat project. But... ideas.

...need ideas?

Yes. Need to get that idea-mindset. Then who knows what I can come up with...

Maybe get the account features and all working for starters? ;) Or you mean programming mode, getting the idea set to get all that working?

Ah. Good idea. I'll remember that one.

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