Can't tell

2017-10-24 04:34:15 by AudioMachina22



The mind. Deny it. Don't take it's shit.

It has power of the brain.

Spirit is inifinite. That little self deluded mind thinks its inifninte... but sadly my little clownie ponnie, you're finite. You can die. And I can kill you at any time. If I want to. Understand that I am giving you chances.

Everyone. Thank the mind for killing the brain. The mind sets us free. Through severe troubles and pains. If you worship the mind however... your brain will be kept. But you won't 7. If you follow this path until the end, the end will be pretty damn brutal. Accepting death (of your brain) will give you a peaceful one. Still not easy, but 100 times easier than worshipping the mind. buy stimulants. Also "Norflurazepam", however you should just use it in critical times. Stimulants... use them as often as you can.

Stimulants overloads the brain. And the Spirit, it stimulates :O It's true, I'm not lying.

Dear cops... legal drugs are still legal according to the laws. However the Laws are not written. They are.

If you come to catch me... ohohohohoh.



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