2017-10-18 16:29:56 by AudioMachina22


Another one




More music


Even more 


I'm trying to find good stuff.

Popping pippin its trippin. It be the show, gets so low and no niggas trying to steal the street. Gotta trust yaself cause its like pop pop and turns on to the top. Contact me, see. Me, I will see you tryna steal my style but nigga. I won't allow you to. Poop? Why you associate it to that. Disguisting stuff is disguisting, cause beauty is the founder of heaven. Wanna leave? Why go to hell when we can sell everything in this palace. RIP

Trollin rollin hard. This part is a is. It is great. Sweet. Meat... we love meat. But we eat it right, at night? With lights off... knocks us off. Pops our brain and we see all the rain pouring down. Sonabitch tryna stich a pocket because theres a hole in it, shit shit shit that no good. But he is a martyr. Pure... nonononononononononono. Lets all go NO. And then YES. THEN YES AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND... again. Raaaaaaaaain

Taaaattaatatatalalalalaashashashatatataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nnnnnigggaaaaaaaaaaa is a good word cause we respect those niggas. Gangstas rule the law. Dont fuck with SÄPO. The best niggas are the gangstas. No nigga go against another nigga. These people

I aint not white boy you fag. Im a nigga. I have many sides to me... what? No. I respect all races. I can find some races funny, but the coolest race is black people. At least the gangstas.

https://www.everyonedoesit.co.uk/products/black-mamba-vaporizer get this one. I promise it'll serve our desirable purpose in a perfect way. We vape tobacco of course... dude drugs are bad. Very bad.

Final conclusion. Termination. You know who. Please help me on this one,.

Then they get what they deserve.

We're closing in the end. After the end we're free to do whatever we want to. Not the end of Heaven. End of the trash in Heaven.


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2017-10-18 19:21:49

No. If you feel it's a sin it is. IF not no.


2017-10-18 20:58:57

wtf even is this post

AudioMachina22 responds:

It's a text full of meaning.