2017-10-17 15:21:35 by AudioMachina22

I am getting real tools. Tools that are useful... tools that feels good to use. Tools that satisfies me. You should do the same! Get good tools.


Inspector Gadget... good ol times. This episode is my favourit one, actually I love it. *it* Makes my body satisfied.

I want a girlfriend that I can share my love and preference with me... it's a big dream. Emma. Miriam. Hikari. And my other special love object. (NO)Miriam is the one I love the most though :) PX9 too... I'm a believer of polygamous relationships. PX9 Send me proof that you're following me... please.

BTW I can't access my bank account anymore so I can't transfer money or pay bills and stuff like that... until I get a new phone. Preferably I'd like my old phone back that's been stolen, but the suspect doesn't seem to be willing to give it back... sooooo. Yeah. I access by mobile ID, and I don't have it anymore. So I can't pay.

Anger is an emotion. What does emotions do? Why do we need them? To let them out, right? Anger is an emotion, yes. A real emotion. Wrong to feel anger... lol. No.

No. Spirit only. We're in 7th density. 8 Densities? This is a pure guess but I think there are unlimited densities.

Yes reality is what we make it to be now. There are no restrictions only ourselves. We can believe anything to be true and it'll become true. Just be careful for what you wish. There are no threats. There are laws... we gotta follow them too. Self sacrifice dudes.

UPDATE: 60% will read this. Those that don't are masturbating to something that I don't know what. Anyway... the news. It's that I got a new phone. I won't tell which one but I can tell you I like it 100 times better than my old phone that I accidentally lost, Nexus 6P. I hated it.


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2017-10-17 16:56:50

No more cops. No more forcing me to do things that makes me suffer. Ok?


2017-10-18 11:49:43

My bank device that generates numbers to get access to my online bank also broke. I use Swedbank