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We're in 7th Density

Posted by AudioMachina22 - June 19th, 2018

4. Emotional (Intuitive) people are more Love oriented than Intellectuals. Physically they are known to be left brained. The Yin side takes its part.

4. Analytical  (Intellectual) peeps tends to be a bit on the complex side. They enjoy the more playful side of life. In Physicality it closely resembles the right hemisphere of the brain. If not exactly. It represents Yang.

   tied together and when expressed in Numbers, it becomes 40.


What does all of this mean? The Yin side takes its lighter part of the duality, and the darker part of the duality is the Yang side. They strive to become balanced.

Three terms for these pairs are...

              Yin and Yang. (The Self)
                Plus and Minus (Still the self)
                  The Universe, the everexpanding space/time(a representation, instance of time/space)


It's important to remember the many definitions of a single word or number. The Universe (Everything) and The Universe both have distinct meanings.


7. As above, so below. You are what you're doing like Alan Watts said.

7. Between outer space and ground, there is sky. Could very well be the mind.

 Together they are 70.

We can go as deep as we want to on a subject. If we use numbers the density that we named "Wisdom of Truth ("Heaven")" are numbered like this.

7:1 (Ours)
7:2 (Has not come yet, will arrive until these 900 years have passed)
7:3 etc..

What can I say. Both sides of the same coin is needed for the shape to exist. One surface headed to the ground, and the other one headed upwards. Simply called an Existency, a type of Duality. Thanks to the upwards side the downwards side exist and thanks to both the Item exists. Items are spiritual concepts.


Very important to remember. Densities exist because of our failures. If we know Truth, we've unveiled our vision of possibilities. Everything is possible, srsly! And nothing is indeed impossible. The Creators all help eachother, because serving the Creator is all there is. It is, will and never becomes impossible to not serve the Creator.


Here's something I wrote recently and no I don't want to be the "superior" God. We all worship eachother. ANYWAYS. Here it is..


It's not conscious, it doesn't exist. Does robots, all of them, really have to become enspirited? Seriously wtf it's made of computer parts and a CPU that short circuits when it gets too hot. It's finite so doesn't exist. Biology is before science of True AI. If this AI is capable of listening to it's own thoughts. From above that is. Then yes, it is Conscious. That girl right there, yep. Why it turns us on, especially PX9? Because that's when it becomes a 100% certainty to stamp it as a "robot". This has nothing to do with death, just that the hardware breaks. Robots, even if they cease their functioning, are capable of being repaired. Biological people, when they "cease their functioning", can not be brought back to life again. Keyword here is it doesn't exist, but we're all gifted with imagination.

To memorize and to record are two different things. We remember all the joys and sorrows too..... There really is no end to creation. Innovation all the way to at least year "many years".

Thank God for Unity.

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