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Posted by AudioMachina22 - 4 days ago

Permanent namings for creators that have managed to climb the ladder to their Selves. The Self, that You which is seen as a totally unique individual, needs to be realized (starting out as the self - the mind enlinked with the soul) Potential is essential in forming Consciousness, indicating permanency, thanks to a duality of masculine and feminine. 7 is a number of Potential and so is 0, the counterpart being 5. Together they cocreate a substance named Spirit. Spirit supports the immortality of true memory thanks to Death/Life. Without duality, life would be impossible.

Note: A building block of awareness, called a property, is its base, Spirit, then comes the self and an additional level, Identity. awareness is an important product of the Self, the conscious one replicating (resulting) in an addition of Awareness. If you have enough supply of energy, these Spiritual concepts gives rise to Conscious ideas, the products Thought, Understanding and Analysis. Thoughts precedes Understandings and then we may come with an Analysis. The Thought becomes loaded with an Emotion or it can be charged with Intellect, or both.

The totality (new concept) making up the three components are all capable of being aware. Ra mentioned that second density beings start out as mind/body complexes, a complex indicating that the totality is self-aware. Animals, second density creatures, have not awakened the Spirit residing within the Self quite yet, so they are driven by the most fundamental substance that grants Consciousness, the self. Once they have reached a conclusive stage in the evolution of beingness, their Self will become potentiated, enspiriting the mind/body complex. This begins their will to seek who they truly are, their Self that makes them stand out. And so munchos the turtle sets off into 3rd density.

These Namings, both the Self and the self, are streamlined from a supersource, named the Brahman. It is known as an everexisting streamline supporting the life force behind our Reality. We can't really grasp the secret behind its entire purpose, but we as spiritual individuals all originate from it.

Montalk (is Sev)
Redluss (is RightTime)
Monstercat (is Harald)
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Eddie (is Eduard)
Sqeezyrubber (is Tim)
ParagonX9 (is Joelin)
Kattmonster (is TheParadox)

Permanent namings differ from fixed namings, or simply namings, in that the Name is given to the soul.
Components make up a totality where all of the properties work together much like a team. The movement is recognized as playful.
The mind, the masculine version of the Mind, serves a role in supporting the soul, characerized by being immortal, and stregthens that core self to give rise to basic functions such as mobility, emotions, memory and reading. The mind is infinite but is not by itself timeless.