2018-03-13 14:13:30 by AudioMachina22

And you. We make two.

Why do I keep on seeing ones? I also see a lot of 10s... and 1010 means some serious magic. 10 means wheel of fortune in tarot...

1 (The Magician) listens to 0 (The Fool) and so gets inspiration, in return, to create something new. To the fool it's magic, but to the Magician, it's obvious. The Magician sees the Fool as magic.


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2018-03-13 14:13:54

This is what magic is. It's not walking on water, it's possible.


2018-03-13 14:42:10

I am not crazy. I am just interested in knowledge. I also want to share this knowledge with other people to enlighten.

We're building a world.